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5 things every parent should know before sending their child to college

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

1. Teach them to do laundry and then insist that they do their own—clothing, sheets and towels—for the entire summer. By the time they get to college with a roll of quarters in hand, they’ll have the hang of it.

2. Teach them the basics of banking—how to use an ATM card, how to write a check (or make a payment online), how to deposit money and how to balance their account.

3. Teach them how to navigate public transportation. Most kids go off to college without access to a car, and obviously they won’t have you to schlep them places. If they don’t already know, teach them how to get around on buses, subways and trains, and then take away the car keys for a while so that they gain confidence.

4. Teach good time management skills making sure all the details of buying school supplies, dorm essentials and tying up any loose ends before setting foot on campus will encourage students to maintain a well-planned schedule throughout the semester.

5. Understanding the FAFSA/Pell grant and all the scholarships their child got to make sure tuition, room and board, books and fees are covered. So on check in day it runs smooth with no mishaps.

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