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12th Grade

You're in the homerun

Wow, those 3 years went fast!

These past years you took tests, joined clubs, afterschool activities, and have gotten a mentor. 

To Recap

Here's what you should have so far

A Mentor

Participate in a club or afterschool activity

Knowledge about FASFA and financial aid

5 colleges or universities of your choice

Baseline test scores

A good GPA

Community service hours

The degree you will pursue after high school

3 teachers to give you a recommendation letter

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Applying for College

The hardest part about applying for college is applying to all the ones you want to go to! So lets see how you can apply to them all at once.

Applying to college

Apply to Multiple Colleges or Universities at Once

Applying to college is a very long process that includes building your college list, getting prepared to ask for your letters of recommendation, submitting standardized scores, writing multiple college essays, and fine-tuning your application process. You can make this process more efficient by using The Common Application or The Black Common Application to apply to HBCU's. 

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The Most Important Step to Graduating

Even though you're nearly done with high school, that doesn't mean you will graduate. Many students find out at the end of the year that they're missing a credit, causing them to attend summer school.

Counselor Checklist

The Transcript Audit

To ensure a smooth wind down at the end of the school year. Speak with your high school counselor at the beginning of the school, so you know you're on track to graduate. They will audit your transcript so you know you meet the graduation requirements of your state. 

Counselor Meeting Checklist

Before you meet with your high school counselor, make sure you have these things ready when meeting with them.


Start with your Post-Secondary Plan of Action

 Start practicing how to complete

a college application.

And the required information you will need. So when it’s time to apply, you will have everything in a folder.

Copies of ACT/SAT Reports

 Start Applying and Creating Accounts for the senior year of Scholarships make sure to save username and password so you can refer to them.

Create your

short-term goals

List of Scholarships applied for


letters of recommendations

Personal Statement completed

Resume that summarizes your high school experiences

Annual Reflection

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