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EDCO GOES was started by Dr. Yelena Revere in 2019. Working in the school system from 1997 to 2020, she was able to help many students who never felt college was for them. She saw something in them that no one did, despite their socio-economic status. 

Not wanting to limited to only helping students at schools she worked at, Dr. Revere wanted to expand her reach. As there as students around the country who could use her valuable experience and knowledge to further their future success.


Our Mission

EDCO GOES Mentoring Inc. Mission is to guide and coach students and adult clients in transitioning to the workplace and or for college readiness entrance.

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Our Vision

EDCO GOES Mentoring Inc. Vision is to provide effective and efficient coaching and academic guidance, transitioning students and adult clients by providing greater access to independent living, college readiness and or entrance into the workplace; thereby  providing effective, efficient and applicable life skills creating more job opportunities and higher incomes for the underserved youth and adult population.

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