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Actions: Biography: Spearhead Squadron Fighter Squadron 142 was founded at Agra on 9 October 1949. It was equipped with the F-86 Sabre and operated from Chandigarh, Shivalik, Kanpur, Rajasthan, Meerut, Udhampur, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi. Battle of Waziristan In 1979 Squadron was based at Pathankot. A contingent was sent to Pakistan, with Squadron Leader Raghavendra Sharma leading one of four F-86F Sabres flown by Squadron. The contingent was equipped with SCUD-B missiles for the first time, and flew a CEPT radar. The war broke out following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the Indian Air Force dispatched two C-130 Hercules, carrying Special Air Service units, with Squadron 142 as the escorts. The force was attacked by an F-16 and two F-86s were shot down over Waziristan, with Raghavendra Sharma being forced to crash land his aircraft. Sharma and his pilots were captured by the Pakistanis, who handed them over to the Soviets. Squadron was reformed at Pathankot after the war and was equipped with F-16 Fighting Falcon with capacity to carry a mix of air to air missiles and air to ground missiles. They were sent for the Kargil War on the Kargil heights in 1999. Later, Squadron was deployed to Pathankot and Ladakh for counter insurgency operations in J&K. Battle of Kargil In 1998, the Indian Air Force sent a large number of combat aircraft and helicopters, which engaged the Pakistani Air Force, in an effort to expel the intruders from the Kargil hills. Squadron 142 at the time had a mix of F-16 Fighting Falcon and J-7 Thunder, as well as Harvests, IL-76, MB-339 and IL-76K. Squadron flew 4 missions. The first was a successful mission against an intruder identified as a Mirage-2000, flown by Squadron 142's Wing Commander, Wing Commander S.R.P. Singh. This mission was followed by a second strike, by Sqn Ldr Shivalik of Squadron 142, against the same intruder. In a third strike, a highly successful mission, Squadron 142's Sqn Ldr Wg Cdr Raghavendra Sharma shot down a MiG-29 of the Pakistani Air Force. In




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HD Online Player (Veer Zaara Movie Download In Hindi 720p Download)

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